This is my collection.

Amsterdam, Aspen, Atlanta, Atantic City, Bali, Baltimore, Banff,

Bangkok, Beijing, Boston, Berlin, Cabo San Lucas, Calgary, Cancun,

Chicago, Cleveland, Copenhagen, Cozumel, Dallas, Denver, Dubai,

Edinburgh, Edmonton, Gatlinburg, Guangzhou, Heidelberg, Hollywood, Honolulu,

Houston, Indianapolis, Jakarta, Kanata, Key West, Kobe, Kowloon,

La Jolla, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Maui,

Memphis, Miami, Memphis, Montreal, Myrtle Beach, New Orleans, New York,

Newport Beach, Niagara Falls CA, Niagara Falls US, Orlando, Osaka, Ottawa, Paris,

Paris Halloween, Paris World Cup, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Puerto Vallarta, Reykjavik, Rome,

Sacaramento, Salt Lake City, St. Louis, St. Thomas, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco,

San Juan, Singapore, Skydome, Tijuana, Tokyo, Toronto, Vancouver,

Washington DC, Whistler, Yokohama

Short Shots: Jamacia, Las Vegas HRH (purple)

I have the shots listed above. My goal is to get a shot from every cafe. I see that some are collecting shots that have either "STP" or w/o "STP". I don't care either way. I am not collecting the 25th anniversary shots either. I would like to get some more blue shots. Right now, Bangkok is my only blue one. Hope this gives you a better idea of what I am looking for.

These are my traders!

Houston (1), Indianapolis (2),

Niagara Falls CA (1), Niagara Falls US (1), Orlando (1),

If you are looking for a St. Louis HRC, let me know, since I can get them pretty easily.

The cities that are displayed in this color are reserved for pending trades.

Hard Rock Cafes - Been There, Done That!

Dallas, Chicago, Nashville, Washington DC, Toronto Skydome
Toronto, Houston, San Antonio, St. Louis, Indianapolis

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