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This is my links page. If you find a broken link, don't get mad, just let me know and I will get it fixed. Some of these sites have just as many or more links than what you see here. So a person could really get lost, if they wanted to.

Jen's Hard Rock Cafe Trading Page: This is where I got my start.
SillyNLuv's Planet Hollywood Shot Glass Page: A good place to trade PH shots.
Gary's World of Shots: Lots of pictures and more.
Dimo's Page: Pictures and more.
Troy's Page:
Tim's Page:
Glenn's Page:
Gabe and Chris' Page:
Chris' Page:
Paul's Page: Zippo lighters and more
Tracy's Page:
Bernie's Page:
Mark's Page:
Linda Sawyer's Page:
Fede's Page:
James' Page: A good source for addresses!
Floyd's Page:
Daryl & Josephine's Page:
Eric's Page:
Tinman's Page:
Ed's Page:
Hard Rock Cafe Official Site
Rain Forest Cafe Official Site
Wendy's Page:
David's Page:
Brent's Page:
Matthew's Page:
Gary's Page: Brashear's Shots
Joe's Page:
Sean's Page:
John's Page:
Joel's Page:

The Trading Post
Hunter Manufacturing Group, Inc.: Having trouble finding a certain sports shot? These guys should have it!
Shot Glass and Jigger Collectibles: If you're looking for shots other than the various cafes. This is the place to look!

Non-related links:
Bible Study Tools: This is a really cool web site. So many people don't read the Bible. They don't even take one with them when they go to church. There are so many wonderful things in store for Christians who are in the Will of the Lord. Reading the Bible is the best way to find out about them. Don't be scared to read and study the Bible. It is meant to teach and guide us through our daily struggles. There is power in the Word of God!!!

Darwin Awards

Big Cats Online: I love the big kitties, especially tigers.

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